Brett & Brynn | Engagement Session

I have always thought that snow makes everything seem magical and romantic. This engagement session was just that! We were hoping for a "warm" sunny winter day for Brett & Brynn's photos. However what we were given was a very cold and snowy day. They were a very brave couple for going through with it and I am so happy they did. These photos made me have a new appreciation for winter!  A big thank you to The Winery at Wolf Creek in Akron for letting us use their beautiful property. 

123013_Brett&Brynn_2706 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2630 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2358 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2352 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2391 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2381 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2412 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2510 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2559 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2651 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2726 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2719 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2737 copy.jpg
123013_Brett&Brynn_2754 copy.jpg