Jonathan & Abby | Engagement Session

I am very pleased to share a very charming winter engagement session.  Up here in Northeast Ohio we have been getting snow, snow and more snow. However that gives me the opportunity to take beautiful photos enclosed in white.  It also gives couples like Jonathan and Abby (who have a late spring wedding) to have a variety of photos of different scenery. We did their session at a family property that was very dear to Abby. Even though it was 17 degrees outside they were so adorable!

Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0271 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0192 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0211 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0246 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0257 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0276 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0278 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0380 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0358 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0339 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0382 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0410 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0460 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0469 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0484 copy.jpg
Jonathan&Abby_20140210_0482 copy.jpg