Andy | Ocean Senior Portraits

Growing up I wanted to be a school teacher... I desperately wanted to be a school teacher. That dream was so big that I would make up my own workbook pages, flash cards, tests, you name it. Of course as any teacher I needed a student- thankfully I had my little brother. He spent countless of hours with me in front of our little chalkboard as I drilled the knowledge that I learned that day into him. I loved it, had the time of my life... he hated it and would complain, cry and run away to our mom. Thanks to me he is a genius who knew how to read, write, do long addition, long subtraction and multiplication before kindergarden. (Division was little hard to teach..) And thanks to him I am not a teacher. 

It's a very hard to believe that my baby brother is about to graduate high school. He has grown and matured so much in the last couple of years into a very fine young man. Through all these years he still remembers the most important thing, ALWAYS listen to your big sister.. even when she tells you to get into the ocean fully dressed.